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The thing I find most intriguing about DandyID is that it%u2019s much more than just a list of services. It%u2019s part of a grander scheme to facilitate a single point of entry for information that can be used all across the social web. DandyID has a well... learn more
There%u2019s no escaping social media %u2014 whether it%u2019s for the promotion of your product, service or blog, or even just for fun, it is impossible to deny the staying power of this fairly new medium. Because WordPress is such a popular blogging plat... learn more
As social networks have proliferated, it%u2019s sometimes hard to remember where one%u2019s online identities may be found. And if you have a common name, as I do, people sometimes can%u2019t tell which Charles Hamilton I am. (No, I%u2019m not a rap artist... learn more
Local startup DandyID has released two new products based on its software for helping people to manage their online identities.... learn more
DandyID is part of a new genre of web applications, including the likes of and Cliqset, that aim to help you own your online identity. If you%u2019ve read our previous post on, you pretty much have an idea of what DandyID may be able to do fo... learn more
The web service which collects the private information which is countlessly on the web to one. DandyID.Including the prominent figure of LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook etc, the account after the registering the my page which was divided into the menu of... learn more
DandyiD wants to be a hub for your social media identity. It%u2019s similar to what%u2019s offered by, but they differ on a few different levels. One important new feature of DandyiD is their verification service. Louis Gray describes it quite clear... learn more
Over a year ago, I had the opportunity to hang out with some young startups when visiting TechStars. One of the guys was Arron Kallenberg of, and he let me have a test run last week of their new pro accounts. DandyID is a simple web application... learn more
Our firm focuses a great deal on collaboration as a way to solve business problems, and we view social media tools as a great addition/complement to the Microsoft Information Worker technologies we use and advise our clients about every day. ... learn more
I recently heard of DandyID on Twitter and setup an account today to test it out. My initial thoughts: pretty cool! Here is a link to my DandyID social media profile. I got a score of 81 and Gold Status (based on how many networks I use relative to other D... learn more
In January 2009, I stumbled across a wonderful little company with a big idea: Create one place to collect, control, discover, and analyze your social profiles %u2013 a LinkedIn of social media, if you will.... learn more
DandyID is a service that allows you to collect your various online selves. Because DandyID supports over 320 services (including the obvious ones like Twitter and Facebook, and more than enough random ones like Wakoopa and Tioti), you should be able to f... learn more
DandyID describes their service as, %u201Cproviding a set of tools that help you to collect, manage, and own your online identity.%u201D We first met the DandyID team at SXSW and we filmed a video interview with the team. DandyID has over 300 services list... learn more
In 2019, when you look back at the social media landscape ten years earlier, you might laugh at how hard you had to work. You had to type things into forms (ha! remember those?), type URLs in the address bar (how archaic!), and put up with irritating commu... learn more
...But it also means that most people end up using more than just a couple of social sites. We might use one site for sharing photos, another for sharing videos, and a couple more for sharing links. The content we create on those sites makes up our social ... learn more
DandyID provides a great service where you can manage all your online identities from a single place. If you are a member of several different Social Networks then DandyID can help you manage your identities. Your online identity is a collection of everyth... learn more
The proliferation of social media outlets in recent years has posed a challenge to users, who must manage their online identities across a host of different sites. That%u2019s where DandyID,created by a year-old Providence startup, comes in.... learn more
As usual, the Giants get to be the first to sink their teeth into a new module! This one is the DandyID module. Check out an example on Corey%u2019s lens and read a great %u201Chow to use the module%u201D post over on the DandyID team blog.... learn more
Simply put, DandyID allows you to store your various online social identities in one place! My profile: Create a globally recognizable profile that follows you around the web and appears on DandyID enabled sites. Manage it from a single location.... learn more
DandyID is a new Rhode Island-based startup that the founders say is, "a one-stop shop for data collection and portability." They provide a suite of tools to manage your online identity. They support over 300 sites and developers can pull data from their s... learn more
"One place to manage you and your relationships online," the slogan goes. Although it sounds a bit like a dating site, DandyID (launched in May of 2008 by co-founders Sara Czyzewicz and Arron Kallenberg) offers an intriguing way to connect your online iden... learn more
Last week I attended the monthly Geek Dinner at AS220 in Providence, a regular get-together for anyone interested in Rhode Island's tech industry. I got there early enough to get a seat and sat at a table with a guy who runs a database business and who is ... learn more
If you are an avid online social networker, and you can no longer keep up with the handful of sites, like Facebook or MySpace, in which you’ve entered your personal profile and kept tabs on your friends, then might be the cyberplace for you! In... learn more
PBN: What’s the idea behind DandyID? CZYZEWICZ: The social Web is in need of data-portability models. For example, a user on site A, B and C may have the same data, such as their name or their contact information, stored separately on each site. When an up... learn more
Since the birth of the Internet, social media has offered humans an additional, albeit unique, system for communication and "virtual" social structures.... learn more
BOULDER - DandyId, a Boulder-based 2007 TechStars spinoff, closed a "successful" three-week round of funding Friday, the company announced.... learn more
Presented by Sara Czyzewicz, Arron Kallenberg, and Anthony Dimitre ... learn more
From their site: Manage your social graph once. Return a list of a services associated with a specific user. Great if you want to learn more about a particular user's other online services (e.g. twitter, digg,, flickr, etc.). Lookup is done via... learn more

DandyID Blog

DandyID is excited to announce the release of ClaimMyName, a service that makes it easy for brand-conscious individuals and organizations to protect themselves by registering their custom URLs across hundreds of social networking and social media sites. To... learn more
We are excited to announce that the much anticipated DandyID Facebook app is finally available. This app - along with the DandyID Wordpress Plugin and several other extensions - plays a key role in allowing you to share your complete verified identity with... learn more
DandyID is excited to announce two major product releases, Pro Accounts and Identity Verification: DandyID Pro Accounts are for users that really want to understand and increase the impact of their online identity. Pro users have access to key analytics th... learn more
We%u2019re excited to announce a new feature allowing DandyID users to verify ownership of their various profiles. This is an important step, offering an additional layer of trust for our users. Verified services will be distinctly displayed in public Dand... learn more
The DandyID module pulls the online identities from your DandyID account using your associated e-mail address. Like our popular WordPress Plug-in, this allows authors and publishers to truly identify themselves to their readers and contacts.... learn more
A couple of weeks ago while we were at the SXSWi conference in Austin, TX, DandyID co-founders Arron Kallenberg and Sara Czyzewicz were interviewed by Sun Microsystems giving their best elevator pitch for what makes DandyID special. The interview was par... learn more
Gotcha! This post was actually part of an April Fools’ Day joke. Thanks for playing along, though! We had a lot of fun coming up with this, and you have to admit, it would be rather cool…... learn more
With the introduction of our new extendable profiles, DandyID profiles have legitimately become an identity destination. By that, we mean that you can use your DandyID profile as a central place to project the online identity that you want out there.... learn more
Earlier today we showed off our new, more organized profile pages. Now, we’ve rolled out a set of changes that will help them become more discoverable and more easy to share with others.... learn more
We’ve redesigned DandyID’s profile pages in order to make them more organized, easier to read, and to better support the growing list of services that our identity graph platform supports. Because any one of our users can theoretically have over 300 accou... learn more