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Extending & Sharing with DandyID

span class="extendIntro">Share your Identities Across the Web!
Share your identities and profile with DandyID tools and plug-ins! Our API allows third-party sites and applications to easily integrate - let them know!

Pro Users: Tracking and statistics are used in these plug-ins; the more places you share, the more data you'll get! Not yet Pro? Learn more here.
Your DandyID Profile
Sharing the link to your profile on your business card or website lets people easily find the real you.
Your E-mail Footer
Share the links to your DandyID profile and online identities right in your e-mail footer.
Easy Widgets
DandyID has built several easy-to-install JavaScript widgets for sharing your identity links, SocialRank, and profile badge.
Third-Party Plug-ins
Share your identities in the sidebar of your blog.
Share your online identities on your Facebook Profile.
If you use Blogger you can can display your social identities on your blog in less than 30 seconds!
Radiant CMS Plug-in
Dandy Radiant is a Radiant extension that imports the public listing of of your DandyID services and displays them. Radiant is a lightweight content management system built on the Ruby on Rails framework..
SNUM - Social Network User Mapper
Social Network User Mapper (SNUM) is a Firefox add-on that will tell you what social networks a user belongs to while browsing the web.
Command for Ubiquity
With this command for Ubiquity you will be able to get more information about any DandyId user directly from your browser.

MORE TO COME!Is there a particular service you'd like to access your DandyID data? Send them our way! The power you have for managing and sharing your data grows with each integrating partner or service.

Developers and Websites
Help your users manage their data more easily, while focusing on your site's core value.
Signup for a DandyID API key, or contact us learn more