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Stephen G. Barr

About Me

CEO and Group Publisher at SGB Media Group based in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Founder & Chairman at Boardroom Advisory Services. Chief Information Officer (CIO) at American Realty Housing Group.

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mobile: 562-400-0685
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yahoo: sgbmediagroup
skype: sgbmedia1
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3200 LaRotunda Drive #302
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
United States
Companies & Organizations
SGB Media Group
CEO & Group Publisher
SGB Media Group is a social media marketing firm specializing in the adult industry as well as the progressive political and nonprofit arenas. Heavy experience in retailing, advertising, website & online forum development, niche social networking, affiliate marketing, search optimization, branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion, non-profit fund raising. * Social Network Profiles & Fan Pages * Blogs * Niche Social Networks * Static Websites * Adult Pay Sites * Portal Sites * eCommerce * eMail/Newsletter Campaigns * Event Planning & Production * Website Analytics & SEO * Affiliate Marketing * Strategic Alliance Management * Business Development Specialized Experience: * Networking - Power Networker on over 150 Social Networks, Bookmarking and Syndicated Blogs. * eCommerce - Ten years internet sales experience, eBay Powerseller, Amazon, CafePress, MSN. CC Bill & PayPal business partner, affiliate marketing and proprietary shopping cart administration. * Social Network Development - Early developer of social networks, discussion forums, Usenet groups and BBS chatrooms. * Blogging - 7-10 Years experienced blogger with over 20 blogs on mixed major platforms in syndication. * Packet Aggregation - Early adopter of this journalistic style which is the process of joining multiple packets together into a single transmission unit, in order to reduce the overhead associated with each transmission. * Strategic Alliance Building - Experienced in propogating formal relationships between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need. * Event Planning & Production - Experienced event planner and producer of specialty events such as trade shows, seminars, concerts, educational events, awards shows, and political fund raisers. * Media Relations - Experienced medfia relations work with broadcast, print and digital media broadcasters and publishers. Press release writing, editing and distribution along multiple channels. Crisis and reputation management.
Date Started: 2006-10-15
Date Ended: Present
Social Media Director
Nonprofit Fundraising
Date Started: 2008-10-01
Date Ended: 2010-05-14
The Prowess Group
Social Media Director
An assemblage of partners with proven backgrounds in their related specialties & fields working in unison to form the apex of performance based e-commerce solutions to their clients.
Date Started: 2010-02-01
Date Ended: 2010-12-01
talentPOD, LLC
Chief Business Development Officer
talentPOD is a social media marketing company that specializes in the development and ongoing administration of proprietary social networks for the nonprofit and community focused organization sectors utilizing the full capacity of cutting edge, emerging technologies benefiting local, state, national and international communities. Social relevance and impact are the cornerstones of our inspiration. Through skillful use of emerging technologies within the social media and public relations industries we hope to assist the nonprofit and other community welfare organizations develop and deliver their message to their targeted constituencies in a manor consistent with the current industry standards and best practices for the greater welfare and enrichment of the communities they serve. Proprietary social network development and administration and public relations services for the nonprofit and community services focused sectors. As a member of the Executive Management Team, serves as the senior leader in developing new business and strategic partnerships, identifying and negotiating merger and acquisition opportunities, overseeing development of products and services, leading strategic planning and guiding all marketing and public relations activities.
Date Started: 2010-07-15
Date Ended: 2010-12-01
The Erotic Free Press
Editor In Chief
The Erotic Free Press is an aggregate blog compiled, edited and published by SGB Media Group's Stephen G. Barr, Group Publisher and reports on human sexuality, sex worker's rights, sexual censorship, legislation, the adult entertainment industry as well as sexual deviations, therapies and current societal sexual mores.
Date Started: 2011-01-01
Date Ended: Present
Monroe Commnity College
date started: 1979-09-01
date ended: 1981-05-28
Majors: Marketing Management
Activities: Student Association Vice President, Student Member Board of Trustees, Founder Outdoor Activities Unlimited