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Search and Connect + Live Stream!

“Search and Connect” is now available inside DandyID! We have made it super easy to locate and follow people that you know or that have similar interests that you would like to follow.  Simply search for a person by Name, Email Address or Interest, click follow below their profile summary and whalla, they are in […]

Update Your Facebook, Twitter and DandyID Statuses!

We are the first to admit that DandyID hasn’t had a lot of love for quite some time however over the past year we have been working quietly in the background to increase performance and plan out our roadmap for 2013. We are totally pumped with what is on our roadmap but want to let […]

DandyID Releases Facebook App

We are excited to announce that the much anticipated DandyID Facebook app is finally available. This app – along with the DandyID WordPress Plugin and several other extensions - plays a key role in allowing you to share your complete verified identity within Facebook and across the web. The app displays a list of all your online profiles in the sidebar of your Facebook […]