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By | April 15, 2009

We’re happy to announce that the DandyID Squidoo Module is now live!squidoo

download the karate dog

“Modules are the building blocks of Squidoo, like widgets in blogs. Each module has certain settings you can change and customize to fit your lens (web page)”, from Introduction to Squidoo Modules.

download tracey fragments the online

download shutter divx The DandyID module pulls the online identities from your DandyID account using your associated e-mail address. Like our popular WordPress Plug-in, this allows authors and publishers to truly identify themselves to their readers and contacts.

To view this module in action, check out the Who Is Corey Brown and Who Is Sara Czyzewicz lens. If you haven’t already, claim your own SquidWho page (“start a fanpage“), and follow the below instructions for adding the module.

How to add the DandyID module :

(Note: you need a DandyID account before using the module; sign-up if you haven’t yet!)

1 – Create a new Lens or SquidWho page

    2 – Under “Workshop Tools” on the right, select Add Modules “Browse all modules”
    3 – Enter “DandyID” into the “Search for Modules…” text box
    4 – DandyID Module will display in the search results. Click the + add button
    5 – You’ll see the DandyID Module under the right column titled “You’ve Added…”

      6 – hit “DONE ADDING!”
      7 – You’ll see the module “New DandyID” added to your page… click “EDIT”
      8 –  Enter a title (ie: My Identities or Find Me on the Web)
      9 – Enter the e-mail address you used to sign up for DandyID
      10 – SAVE and you’re done!

      The outcome looks something like this:
      Example DandyID Module



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