New Feature: Control the Visibility of Your Identities

By | September 15, 2009

lockWe are pleased to announce DandyID now offers a feature that allows you to toggle the visibility of your online identities, controlling which of your accounts are publicly shared.

This has been an extremely popular request. Having multiple social media identities doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to share all of them everywhere. For instance, some of your accounts may be less active, or perhaps too personal to display. Now you can independently select which identities you’d like to display on your public DandyID profile, and which identities you would like displayed on the extensions and plug-ins built on top of the DandyID API (e.g. the DandyID WordPress plug-in and Facebook application, etc. – see a list of plug-ins here).

You can find the new visibility settings in the “My Identities” section under the tab labeled “Visibility Settings“. Simply uncheck the identities you’d like to be invisible.

Also, if you have a pro-account, the identities that you choose to display will still be stats enabled. голова болит секс

Thank you to all of our loyal users who continue to suggest new features and help us innovate. We sincerely hope you enjoy this new feature!

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