Major Release: Pro Accounts & Identity Verification

By | June 4, 2009

DandyID is excited to announce two major product releases, Pro Accounts and Identity Verification: 

DandyID Pro Accounts are for users that really want to understand and increase the impact of their online identity. Pro users have access to key analytics that let you track how people are finding and engaging you online. As a Pro user you are also able to discover where your contacts exist online and which social networks are most important to them. In addition, SEO enhanced links help increase your visibility in top search engines by passing the “link juice” through to your individual profiles. Click here to view a full list of Pro Account features and upgrade.

Identity  Verification  is a free service that allows you to verify that you are the owner of your profile on several popular social networks, and then links your verified profiles together so that the real you can be easily discovered. If you’d like to learn more about this cool new feature check out our post on Identity Verification.

Coverage in the Blogosphere: has a great post up about these new products. In the post they refer to DandyID as “a LinkedIn of social media” and call our verification service “the VeriSign of Social media.” The post also goes into more detail about the individual Pro features. You may read the full post here:

In addition, you may want to check out Mashable’s mention of DandyID in the post titled “7 Technologies Shaping the Future of Social Media

” or in the post titled “Five Ways to Share Your Social Media Identity“.

CenterNetworks and Social Nerdia also both have coverage of the release up on their blogs.

Help us get the word out about DandyID:

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