DandyID Profiles Now More Organized, Extendable

By | March 24, 2009

We’ve redesigned DandyID’s profile pages in order to make them more organized, easier to read, and to better support the growing list of services that our identity graph platform supports.  Because any one of our users can theoretically have over 300 accounts to display, organization becomes very important or else the profile page ends up too overwhelming to be a useful source of user information.

We’ve also added a bunch of new data fields and made the profile pages extendable. That adds to the amount of information we need to display (another reason for the redesign), but also makes the pages more useful.  Just like how in the online world you don’t exist in any one place, your offline life isn’t static either.  Many people have more than one address, phone number, job, or screen name.  Our new extendable profiles reflect that by allowing you to add multiple data points to most profile fields.

The screenshot below provides a mini-tour of the new DandyID profile page.


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