DandyID Launches ClaimMyName

By | June 30, 2009

DandyID is excited to announce the release of ClaimMyName, a service that makes it easy for brand-conscious individuals and organizations to protect themselves by registering their custom URLs across hundreds of social networking and social media sites. To sign up and/or to watch a video demonstration please visit the following link: http://www.dandyid.org/beta/claimmyname.                

Also, please help us get the word out by using this link to tweet about the release.  

What follows is a little more background information on why we decided to launch ClaimMyName.

Over the past year DandyID has invested heavily in building a very rich set of free services that cater to our core user base; and we are now seeing the fruits of this labor pay off with higher than expected conversions into to our recently released Pro Accounts (http://www.dandyid.org/beta/upgrade). Our users can rest assured that we will continue to add value (and features) to both our free and pro services. Furthermore, our most popular features (such as social identity verification) will remain free for everyone.

However, we also learned something very important from the last year and from the release of our pro accounts: several brand-conscious professionals and corporations (i.e. not just hardcore social media enthusiasts) are signing up for and appropriating DandyID as a platform for their brand. The interesting thing about this demographic is that they already have established brands in their respective niche industries, and they are now being forced – for better or worse – into social media. 

These professionals and businesses recognize that social media is transferring the balance of “brand power” into the hands of consumers. Corporations no longer own their brands in the conventional sense, nor can they control them with traditional methods. Instead, they must become part of the conversation, which means that to stay relevant they must participate in social media. ClaimMyName is as paid service targeted toward brand-conscious individuals and organizations who seek to readily secure a platform that they can then use to join the social media conversation. 

In addition, ReadWriteWeb has a great post up about the service, as does LouisGray.com. порно фильмы онлайн новинки

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