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Personalize Your Identity!

Today we launched the ability for you to fully customize the look and feel of your DandyID profile page. You now have full control over the look and feel of your public facing profile including granular color combinations and background image: 1. Login To DandyID 2. Click “My Profile” You will now see the following […]

Update Your Facebook, Twitter and DandyID Statuses!

We are the first to admit that DandyID hasn’t had a lot of love for quite some time however over the past year we have been working quietly in the background to increase performance and plan out our roadmap for 2013. We are totally pumped with what is on our roadmap but want to let […]

New Feature: Control the Visibility of Your Identities

We are pleased to announce DandyID now offers a feature that allows you to toggle the visibility of your online identities, controlling which of your accounts are publicly shared. This has been an extremely popular request. Having multiple social media identities doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to share all of them everywhere. For instance, […]

DandyID Launches ClaimMyName

DandyID is excited to announce the release of ClaimMyName, a service that makes it easy for brand-conscious individuals and organizations to protect themselves by registering their custom URLs across hundreds of social networking and social media sites. To sign up and/or to watch a video demonstration please visit the following link:       […]

Identity Verification Launched

We’re excited to announce a new feature allowing DandyID users to verify ownership of their various profiles.    This is an important step, offering an additional layer of trust for our users. Verified services will be distinctly displayed in public DandyID profiles, and also noted in our API to notify third-parties and extensions. Shortly after […]

DandyID Profiles Now More Organized, Extendable

We’ve redesigned DandyID’s profile pages in order to make them more organized, easier to read, and to better support the growing list of services that our identity graph platform supports.  Because any one of our users can theoretically have over 300 accounts to display, organization becomes very important or else the profile page ends up […]

User Profiles include hCard Support

We recently rolled out support for two microformats (hCard and XFN) on DandyID’s user profile page. These mircoformats make human presentable information on your profile page machine-readable by wrapping the information in semantic tags.  The hCard microformat is primarily used to represent people, companies, organizations; whereas XFN is used primarily to represent human relationships. In […]