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Search and Connect + Live Stream!

“Search and Connect” is now available inside DandyID! We have made it super easy to locate and follow people that you know or that have similar interests that you would like to follow.  Simply search for a person by Name, Email Address or Interest, click follow below their profile summary and whalla, they are in […]

New Feature: Control the Visibility of Your Identities

We are pleased to announce DandyID now offers a feature that allows you to toggle the visibility of your online identities, controlling which of your accounts are publicly shared. This has been an extremely popular request. Having multiple social media identities doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to share all of them everywhere. For instance, […]

DandyID As Your Online ID Card

With the introduction of our new extendable profiles watch big stan in divx порнуха клубничка фото night of the comet divx movie online , DandyID profiles have legitimately become an identity destination. By that, we mean that you can use your DandyID profile as a central place to project the online identity that you want […]

How DandyID Solves the Problem of Online Identity Dispersion

DandyID is a platform that allows you to create a single, globally recognizable identity that you can take with you around the web. That’s helpful for a great number of reasons, among them it means not having to fill out the same tedious profile information over and over, being able to better locate and connect […]

DandyID Does Austin

It took us a little longer than expected, but the entire DandyID team arrived yesterday in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest Interactive 2009, which begins today. We’re here to do some networking, spread the word about DandyID, identity graph management, and data portability, and hang out with our friends from integrating partner PeoplePond. And […]