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Search and Connect + Live Stream!

“Search and Connect” is now available inside DandyID!

We have made it super easy to locate and follow people that you know or that have similar interests that you would like to follow.  Simply search for a person by Name, Email Address or Interest, click follow below their profile summary and whalla, they are in your live stream…

Live Stream is now the default home page, it streams your connections DandyID updates directly into your DandyID home page for easy following of conversations taking place.  At any time you can easily unfollow by simply clicking “unfollow” under their name.

The dev team is rocking us with a multitude of enhancements which also include real-time and schedule social network identity updates for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

We are always listening to your feedback on ways we can improve our service, keep them coming!

PS, we are working on more updating services, get heard on what ones you want to have the ability to update 1st!

Update Your Facebook, Twitter and DandyID Statuses!

We are the first to admit that DandyID hasn’t had a lot of love for quite some time however over the past year we have been working quietly in the background to increase performance and plan out our roadmap for 2013.

We are totally pumped with what is on our roadmap but want to let you know about some of our recent enhancements that have taken place that will be coming to you very soon:

Some of you may have noticed a decrease in the time it takes to login or load up DandyID.  This is something that we have been and continually tweak/update to ensure we provide better performance.  We did some major overhauling like a major restructuring/code cleansing…  in addition to  investing in more servers & a more reliable hosting solution to provide you a much more responsive  service offering.

We certainly see the improvements in responsiveness and will continue to tweak and improve on a frequent basis!

We are listening to what the community wants and one of those wants was  for us to implement a “Status Update” feature where you can input what your doing or working on at any given time.  Having this easily updatable feature provides you with the ability to include a link to whatever you like in your status… so for those of us that care about link love… its super cool but not only can you update your DandyID status, you can now update Facebook, Twitter and soon to be Google+!  You can update your status real time or you can choose to schedule your updates for a later date!

Here is what the Status Updating looks like:

How to Update Social Networks

How to Update Social Networks

You will need to authorize DandyID App to post on your behalf, here is what it looks like:


Authorize DandyID for Social Media Update

Authorize DandyID for Social Media Update


There are more networks that are being added as we speak, most requested G+ and LinkedIn, they are on the way and we will let you know when they have been released through Facebook and Twitter…

If you have a particular feature request, or network that should take updating priority over another, just let us know and we will do our best to move it up in our network update priority list!

UPDATE: LinkedIn is now fully operational!