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DandyID Launches ClaimMyName

DandyID is excited to announce the release of ClaimMyName, a service that makes it easy for brand-conscious individuals and organizations to protect themselves by registering their custom URLs across hundreds of social networking and social media sites. To sign up and/or to watch a video demonstration please visit the following link:                

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What follows is a little more background information on why we decided to launch ClaimMyName.

Over the past year DandyID has invested heavily in building a very rich set of free services that cater to our core user base; and we are now seeing the fruits of this labor pay off with higher than expected conversions into to our recently released Pro Accounts ( Our users can rest assured that we will continue to add value (and features) to both our free and pro services. Furthermore, our most popular features (such as social identity verification) will remain free for everyone.

However, we also learned something very important from the last year and from the release of our pro accounts: several brand-conscious professionals and corporations (i.e. not just hardcore social media enthusiasts) are signing up for and appropriating DandyID as a platform for their brand. The interesting thing about this demographic is that they already have established brands in their respective niche industries, and they are now being forced – for better or worse – into social media. 

These professionals and businesses recognize that social media is transferring the balance of “brand power” into the hands of consumers. Corporations no longer own their brands in the conventional sense, nor can they control them with traditional methods. Instead, they must become part of the conversation, which means that to stay relevant they must participate in social media. ClaimMyName is as paid service targeted toward brand-conscious individuals and organizations who seek to readily secure a platform that they can then use to join the social media conversation. 

In addition, ReadWriteWeb has a great post up about the service, as does порно фильмы онлайн новинки

DandyID Releases Facebook App

dandyid-facebook-appWe are excited to announce that the much anticipated DandyID Facebook app is finally available. This app – along with the DandyID WordPress Plugin and several other extensions - plays a key role in allowing you to share your complete verified identity within Facebook and across the web. The app displays a list of all your online profiles in the sidebar of your Facebook profile so that your friends can easily discover where else you exist online. All updates made via your DandyID account will be automatically synced with your Facebook profile in realtime (no need to refresh). In addition, if  you have a DandyID Pro Account then the Facebook app will also be stats enabled, allowing you track how your Facebook friends are engaging you online.

problem child 3 junior in love divx online To install the app please use the following link:

. Also, please help us get the word out by using this link to tweet about the release.

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Major Release: Pro Accounts & Identity Verification

DandyID is excited to announce two major product releases, Pro Accounts and Identity Verification: 

DandyID Pro Accounts are for users that really want to understand and increase the impact of their online identity. Pro users have access to key analytics that let you track how people are finding and engaging you online. As a Pro user you are also able to discover where your contacts exist online and which social networks are most important to them. In addition, SEO enhanced links help increase your visibility in top search engines by passing the “link juice” through to your individual profiles. Click here to view a full list of Pro Account features and upgrade.

Identity  Verification  is a free service that allows you to verify that you are the owner of your profile on several popular social networks, and then links your verified profiles together so that the real you can be easily discovered. If you’d like to learn more about this cool new feature check out our post on Identity Verification.

Coverage in the Blogosphere: has a great post up about these new products. In the post they refer to DandyID as “a LinkedIn of social media” and call our verification service “the VeriSign of Social media.” The post also goes into more detail about the individual Pro features. You may read the full post here:

In addition, you may want to check out Mashable’s mention of DandyID in the post titled “7 Technologies Shaping the Future of Social Media

” or in the post titled “Five Ways to Share Your Social Media Identity“.

CenterNetworks and Social Nerdia also both have coverage of the release up on their blogs.

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Identity Verification Launched

We’re excited to announce a new feature allowing DandyID users to verify ownership of their various profiles. 



This is an important step, offering an additional layer of trust for our users. Verified services will be distinctly displayed in public DandyID profiles, and also noted in our API to notify third-parties and extensions. Shortly after this release, verifying a service will additionally disallow another user to “claim” the same identifier.



Utilizing the open authorization protocol OAuth, “FlickrAuth” and Facebook Connect, the initial six services available for verification are Twitter, Brightkite, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook – and we are continuing to add to this list.