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DandyID Partners with Barakhamba Biotech to Offer DNA Sequencing

dna_swabGotcha!  This post was actually part of an April Fools’ Day joke.  Thanks for playing along, though!  We had a lot of fun coming up with this, and you have to admit, it would be rather cool…

We’re thrilled to announce today that we’ve partnered with New Dehli, India-based biotechnology company Barakhamba Biotech to offer genotype sequencing to our customers.  For $199,  you will be able to purchase a “spit test” kit directly from your DandyID dashboard.   The kit contains a saliva swab, instructions, and discreet, postage-paid, padded mailer.  You simply collect a sample of your DNA by swabbing the inside of your cheek, place the sample in the included protective plastic tube, and drop it in the mail to be sent back to Barakhamba.  In 10 to 12 weeks DandyID will receive a digital representation of your DNA genotype, which will then be tied to your account.

Why are you doing this?

DandyID is committed to helping users truly own their online identities.  Unfortunately, even though the web is getting more social every day, it is still a largely impersonal medium.  Because of that, identity fraud is a major issue.  By offering a way for users to tie their social identities to their DNA code — something that can’t easily be faked! — we’re offering an added layer of verification. Your genetic markup acts as a unique fingerprint that securely and accurately verifies that your online identities really belong to you.

Why have you partnered with Barakhamba Biotech instead of a more well-known, US company like 23andMe?

Barakhamba Biotech is one of the world’s most advanced biotechnology firms.  Their labs operate at CLIA-level standards, and Barakhamba is the only non-US lab to receive approval from the US Department of Health and Human Services to provide genetic genotyping services for diagnostic use in American hospitals.  Many local crime labs at police departments around the United States also routinely outsource their DNA testing to Barakhamba Biotech.

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Because costs are lower in New Dehli than they are in the United States, we’re able to offer a world-class genetic analysis and identification service at a much lower cost.

dna_labWhat else can I learn from my DNA?

Though it won’t be in the in initial release, we have a number of amazing new features planned around your genetic information.  We’ll reveal these new features over the next couple of months, but here’s a taste: how about spot-on social network suggestions based on your unique genetic markers? how about being able to hook you up with new friends based on a never-before-available genetic matchmaking service?  The possibilities are truly endless!

Additionally, for an extra $99, Barakhamba can provide you with a range of additional information gleaned from your genetic code.  Learn about your ancestry, your predisposition to over 100 different genetic traits and diseases, and what sorts of things you may pass on to your children.

Will this affect developers that use DandyID’s API?

That’s one of the most exciting parts of this entire announcement: in July, we’re planning to roll out a new version of our API that will include hooks into users’ DNA information!  That should enable exciting, never-before-possible genetic mashups.  Imagine getting truly personal recommendations based on something as infallible as your genetic code, or resting easy knowing that when making an online purchase, your identity has been verified securely by your own genetics!

Of course, allowing your genetic code to be made available via the DandyID API will be a strictly opt-in program.  Further, for our US-based users, the 2008 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) prohibits discrimination by health insurance companies and employers based on genetic information, which makes sharing your genetic information via the DandyID API a safe and rewarding option.

When will this be available?

We expect to launch this program on our site sometime in mid-May, with the API tie-in to launch a couple of months after that.  Keep an eye on this blog for further announcements regarding this exciting new parternship!

DandyID As Your Online ID Card

With the introduction of our new extendable profiles

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night of the comet divx movie online , DandyID profiles have legitimately become an identity destination. By that, we mean that you can use your DandyID profile as a central place to project the online identity that you want out there.

DandyID’s core value still lies in its ability to share your identity and profile information with authorized third parties (so that you can manage that information from one location), but it also acts a central collection point for all for all of your online identities and profile information. That means you can point people to your DandyID profile page in order to make sure they’re getting the picture of you that you want to put forth.

Since we added new methods of sharing your DandyID profile yesterday, we’ve seen a large number of users doing just that and tweeting about their DandyID profiles. One of our users has even added his DandyID profile URL to his business cards. Alexandre Setter, who is the owner of Brazilian communications firm Magica Comunicação, showed off his new business cards this afternoon via Twitter. It’s hard to see in the picture, but Alexandre’s new cards point users to his DandyID profile page (see the text on the orange part of the card in the photo below).


We think that’s a very smart use of DandyID. Because DandyID helps you to truly own buy benemid your online identity, it can act as an official clearing house for the type of identity information you want to project to the world. So it’s a natural place to send people when they want to learn more about who you are and how to interact with you across the social web. If you have any creative uses of DandyID, we’d love to hear about them. Please contact us or let us know via Twitter @DandyID. zyprexa

DandyID Profiles: Now Easier to Find and Share

sharethisEarlier today we showed off our new, more organized profile pages

. Now, we’ve rolled out a set of changes that will help them become more discoverable and more easy to share with others.

To make them easier to share, we’ve added a ShareThis

link to every profile page. ShareThis is a great widget that will allow you or those who visit your profile to share it over a large number of social bookmarking sites, via email, or on a blog with a single click. We’ve also added a “tweet about me” link, which loads up a ready-made tweet about your profile in Twitter, with links to both your DandyID profile and your Twitter user name. On Friday, the “tweet about me” link will automatically add the #FollowFriday hashtag (for more about Follow Friday, check out this Mashable post).

We’ve also spent a bit of time this evening doing some basic search engine optimization work to our profile and tags pages in order to make user profiles more easily discovered. To that end, one of the most important things we did was create simplified vanity URLs, such as this one for DandyID co-founder Arron Kallenberg:

You can lock in your vanity URL by setting your user name on the edit user profile page. We’ve often talked about how DandyID solves the problem of online identity dispersion by collecting together all of your social profiles. Another problem created by online identity dispersion is lack of identity ownership. Owning your online identity — so that when people try to find you online they find the real, verifiable you — is a difficult problem. DandyID can help with that, as well, and locking in your user name in order to get the SEO benefits of a named URL is an important step in how we can help you do it.

The new user name URL schema is also helpful for figuring out where users exist on other web sites, because now you can ask DandyID to send you directly to a specific social profile for any user as long as you know that user’s name. For example:

DandyID Profiles Now More Organized, Extendable

We’ve redesigned DandyID’s profile pages in order to make them more organized, easier to read, and to better support the growing list of services that our identity graph platform supports.  Because any one of our users can theoretically have over 300 accounts to display, organization becomes very important or else the profile page ends up too overwhelming to be a useful source of user information.

We’ve also added a bunch of new data fields and made the profile pages extendable. That adds to the amount of information we need to display (another reason for the redesign), but also makes the pages more useful.  Just like how in the online world you don’t exist in any one place, your offline life isn’t static either.  Many people have more than one address, phone number, job, or screen name.  Our new extendable profiles reflect that by allowing you to add multiple data points to most profile fields.

The screenshot below provides a mini-tour of the new DandyID profile page.


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API Keys Now Granted Automatically

Previously, when applying for a key to access the DandyID developer API, the key was granted only after being manually approved by DandyID. In order to significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to actually start coding with our API, we’ve decided to eliminate that step. Now, when you apply for an API key

, you’ll receive your key instantly and automatically.

We’d still appreciate it if you give us an accurate title and description of your project when applying for a key, but this is big news for those of you who have an idea and just want to start tinkering right away. It’s also big news for anyone planning to enter the DandyID API Contest. Now you can start work on your entry immediately. Remember to put “API Contest Submission” in the description field when applying for your key so we know you’re working on a contest entry, and then email dandyidinfo(at) for detailed information about how to submit your finished app.

White listed API keys, which can push data back to us, still need to be requested and approved. If your application needs to push data, please contact us for a special API key.

How DandyID Solves the Problem of Online Identity Dispersion

DandyID is a platform that allows you to create a single, globally recognizable identity that you can take with you around the web. That’s helpful for a great number of reasons, among them it means not having to fill out the same tedious profile information over and over, being able to better locate and connect with your friends across the web, and having the ability to manage profile changes from a single location. However, one of the most important things that DandyID achieves, is that it helps to solve the increasingly more common problem of online identity dispersion.

What is “Online Identity Dispersion?”

In the offline world, your identity is defined by the things you do, the places you go, and the people you interact with. Your online identity isn’t that much different. When you share photos on Flickr, connect with a colleague on LinkedIn, update your profile on Facebook, and tweet about your day on Twitter, you are adding to the collection of things that make up you. Unfortunately, as the web becomes social, we’re leaving bits and pieces of ourselves scattered across the Internet on more and more sites that generally don’t interact with one another. That’s called online identity dispersion, and it makes it very hard for people to clearly define who they are online and share their identity with others.

Each new site you sign up at further fragments and disperses your online identity. The more your identities become diffused, the more difficult it becomes for the people you interact with to try to connect them together and see a cohesive picture of who you are.


Online identity dispersion occurs as you sign up for more and more social sites, dispersing the bits that make up your identity around the web.

Why You Should Care

The notion that your online activities and profiles define who you are is an essential idea. Adding context, credibility, and authenticity to your actions online is much harder than it is offline, so being able to clearly define your identity and the things that contribute to who you are is supremely important.

Without the tools to clearly project an accurate version of who you are, the things you do online lack context. Why would anyone be compelled to put stock in you as an authoritative source if you don’t have a cohesive online identity? Your identity doesn’t automatically follow your around on the web, which is why tools like DandyID are necessary. Presenting a clear picture of your identity is essential for lending legitimacy to your actions online.

How DandyID Addresses Online Identity Dispersion

DandyID provides a set of tools that help you collect all of your various identities in a single place. Those identities are made portable, so you can take that picture of what makes up the real you with you around the web. In addition to collecting your social identities — i.e., all the places you exist online — DandyID also helps you create a single master profile that can follow you around the Internet and automatically show up on DandyID-enabled sites. That means that when something changes — like your address or place of work — you’ll only have to update it once and your identity will reflect those changes everywhere you go around the web.

In other words, DandyID makes it easy for you to create a single, cohesive, complete identity that you truly own and can be distributed to all the places you participate in the online world. Your online presence may still ultimately be spread across a wide variety of web sites, but your identity will be collected into a single package that you control absolutely

Wrap-up: What a Week at SXSWi

sxsw09-logoSouth by Southwest has come and gone and the DandyID crew is back in Providence, RI. We’re hard at work building out the DandyID identity and data portability platform, but we brought back with us a ton of memories of the week that was at SXSWi. We each attended a number of great panels, posted to Twitter and Brightkite (phone service-willing) more than was probably healthy, and avoided sleep at too many great parties to recount.

However, the highlight of our weekend was our party, thrown Monday night at the legendary PureVolume House along with our good friends at Brightkite. The party stayed hopping deep into the night (as in, 4am) and turned out to be the most tweeted about party of the evening. That’s not surprising given that 3600 people RSVPed for the party, and we were at capacity almost the entire night. At one point, even DandyID’s founders were barred entry while the bouncers were only letting people in as others left (which was something not many people did once inside!).

Special thanks to the 3 bands and 2 DJs who rocked the stage until nearly sun-up. Pompeii

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Below are some photos of the evening:

Even though doors didn't open until 9pm, people started lining up as early as 7pm.

Even though doors didn't open until 9pm, people started lining up as early as 7pm.

The scene in the back tent just a few minutes after opening the doors.

The scene in the back tent just a few minutes after opening the doors.

By 11pm things were really getting going.  The view from behind the bar.

By 11pm things were really getting going. The view from behind the bar.

On the dance floor during King Louie's set.

On the dance floor during King Louie's set.

The crowd in the back tent, long past midnight.

The crowd in the back tent, long past midnight.

Of course, it wasn’t all play. We also got some work done, like adding new services

and doing an interview with CenterNetworks . To all the great people we met, reconnected with, or partied with all week and especially on Monday night: thanks for making DandyID’s trip to Austin worth every second!

We have some exciting upgrades and new features coming to DandyID in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned to this blog. We will also be making some announcements regarding our API Contest .

DandyID Adds 300th Supported Service at SXSWi



Yesterday, from the conference floor at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, the DandyID team added our 300th supported service to our identity graph management platform. Fittingly, the service was the official SXSW conference social network, My.SXSW! Thanks to David Swedlow for suggesting the addition.

download prozac nation online Anyone attending SXSW this week — whether for interactive, film, music, or all three — should update their DandyID accounts to include My.SXSW. And of course, remember to stop by our party on Monday night for an open bar, two DJs, two bands, and the best time in Austin!

We also added local social network If you have any suggestions for new social sites we should support, please let us know about them via our Get Satisfaction page. We do our best to support as many popular social networks as possible.

Developers, remember to enter our API contest miss march aka playboys divx movie online for a chance to win a 27″ Dell flat screen monitor, an Amazon Kindle 2, or other prizes.

DandyID Does Austin

It took us a little longer than expected, but the entire DandyID team arrived yesterday in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest Interactive 2009, which begins today. We’re here to do some networking, spread the word about DandyID, identity graph management, and data portability, and hang out with our friends from integrating partner PeoplePond.

And of course, we’re also hear to kick it with everyone who has signed up for our big party Monday night

, which is being co-hosted with Brightkite

— if you’re in Austin and haven’t RSVP’d yet, stop reading this post and go do it. You won’t regret it, we promise!

Here are some pictures from our trip down here.


Due to mechanical issues on the plane, our flight was delayed out of Providence and we missed our connection. Here's the whole crew (minus Arron, who was taking the picture) in Atlanta trying to figure out where we were sleeping for the night.

We got a flight to Austin early on Thusday morning. Here are Arron and Sara as we wait to take off. Lack of sleep had us all in an odd mood, and Anthony nearly got bumped to a later flight!

We got a flight to Austin early on Thusday morning. Here are Arron and Sara as we wait to take off. Lack of sleep had us all in an odd mood.

We made it to the registration line just before they closed it on Thursday night.

We made it to the registration line just before they closed it on Thursday night.

So we’re here, we’re ready to rock, and we hope you remember to RSVP for our party Monday night. See you there!

Enter the DandyID API Contest and You Could Win Big

win-badgeWhat would you do if you had access to identity graph data? How about pre-existing profile information, or information about a user’s contacts? DandyID’s API gives developers access to all that data and the possibilities for what you can do with it are endless. From building widgets and plugins that display social identity data to integrating DandyID services with existing social networks to mashing all that data up with services from another API, there is simply a ton that you can do with DandyID’s developer tools.

How about a plugin for an open source forum system like phpBB that lets users display their social identity and pull in their DandyID profile? Or what about a mashup with the Gnip API to create a lifestream aggregator?

popeye download free

Those are just two ideas, but we’re sure there are many more, which is why we’re happy to announce the DandyID API Contest

! We want to inspire and encourage innovative uses of our API, so we’re inviting talented developers to take a crack at creating something awesome and win great prizes in the process.

What developer wouldn’t want to code on the 27″ Dell Flat Screen monitor we’re giving away for first prize? Three other developers will win prizes, as well — an Amazon Kindle 2 for second place, a Flip video camera for third, and a big bucket of LEGOs for fourth place. 25 randomly selected entries will also receive DandyID t-shirts!

We can’t wait to see what types of things developers create using our API, so head on over the contest page, register for an API key, and start building. We’ll announce the great team of judges we’ve assembled to pick the winners over the next couple of weeks on this blog.


Tweet this contest for a chance to win a DandyID t-shirt and stickers. You must follow @DandyID to receive a DM with winner details.