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Launch-Pad now in Private Beta

Update: Launch-Pad has been temporarily closed.  To learn why, please see this post. online plendil

Some websites accept OpenID… for everything else there’s Launch-Pad… for now.

We released our latest consumer-facing service into private beta today. Launch-Pad is a single sign-on service for the social-web that allows users to access over 70 sites from one central location. Contact Us if you’d like an invite code. Check out the screen cast demo below (view in full-screen if you can).


Make no mistake, DandyID does not view Launch-Pad as an ideal solution to the plethora of walled gardens that exists online today; but rather as a band-aid for users who are suffering as a result of a closed web — it is our knee-jerk response to an imperfect internet. DandyID’s long-term focus is on building services that empower the user and add-value on top of the New Open Stack. Stay tuned… we’re just getting started :)

Service Collection Widget for Third-Parties

We are happy to announce that we have *finally* rolled-out our service collection widget, which makes it easy for third-parties to integrate DandyID’s functionality on their own site.

The video below provides more info.

Make sure to view it in full-screen mode.

You can also demo the widget for yourself (it is synced to the dandyid test account username: “” password: ”test” … but PLEASE DON’T ABUSE). Also, if you have an approved API key and would like to add the widget to your site, make sure and take a look at the documentation .

User Profiles include hCard Support

We recently rolled out support for two microformats (hCard and XFN) on DandyID’s user profile page. These mircoformats make human presentable information on your profile page machine-readable by wrapping the information in semantic tags. 

The hCard microformat is primarily used to represent people, companies, organizations; whereas XFN is used primarily to represent human relationships. In DandyID’s case we are using hCard to describe information contained in your profile (i.e. your name, address, company, etc.), and we are using XFN to represent your relationship to yourself on other public sites (i.e. your twitter profile, etc) 

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The result… your DandyID profile page is now an “electronic business card,” which allows third-party services to automatically discover and import your public information!

Example DandyID profile

Additionally, users can auto-fill their DandyID profile by importing an existing hCard-supporting profile.

Furthermore, we’ve included an “Add to Address Book” link on your profile page – clicking on this link allows others to automatically import your hCard information into either Windows Outlook or Mac OS Address Book. You can also place a widget

on your own blog or website with the same Address Book importing functionality.

Please edit your “Profile” as additional fields have been added to support more detailed information.

Example profile:

For more information check out the Microformats hCard wiki and XFN wiki .