Monthly Archives: June 2008

DandyID Launches!

DandyId is open to the public for users to create profiles of their online identities, and developers to get an API key and make calls retrieving the users’ data (check out api documentation for more info).

While we’re still working out some kinks, please sign up and have a look around. Grab a widget displaying your social identities, or search for your friends’ identities as well. Know someone’s Flickr, but not their FriendFeed or LinkedIn or Search using any service identifier, first/last name, or e-mail address. Can’t find someone? Spread the word and “invite” them!

We’re psyched to get this off the ground! Please contact us if you have any feedback, complaints, or comments to send our way. Of course, cheers, “you rock”, and other felicitations are also welcome.